Construyendo los cimientos intelectuales para la futura civilización cristiana.

On the politicization of the legal profession

An article in the Epoch Times this morning details incidents of retaliation against conservative lawyers by the State bar associations and the ABA. Most are tied to the January 6th fiasco of injustice, challenges to the 2020 election and anything related to former President Trump’s adventures in the Jacobin tribunals. Rules designed to protect the integrity of the justice system are being used to protect the unjust judge and punish anyone who points it out. Without personal integrity, rules protect nothing. Time to recognize that the this is no longer about left and right politics but about good vs evil.
The common law principle of two lawyers battling it out to discover the truth is dead or dying. The State bar associations and the ABA are leveraging their rules to make both prosecution and defense lawyers beholden first to the State, not to their clients, not to justice, not to truth. We have become a tyrant state like Mexico where your defense attorney’s first loyalty is to the State.
This is not about justice but about revenge, about punishing anyone who dare speak out. These rules are designed to preserve the perception of integrity in the judiciary as a whole. Note well, the point is not to preserve the integrity of the system but the appearance of integrity. Woe to anyone who attempts to point that out.
We are doing the opposite of what God has commanded. Leviticus 19:15, “You must not deal unjustly in judgment: you must neither show partiality to the poor nor honor the rich. You must judge your fellow citizen fairly.” Instead, we have what the prophet Isaiah describes in Isaiah 59:14–15

Justice is driven back;
Godliness stands far off.
Indeed, honesty stumbles in the city square
And morality is not even able to enter.
Honesty has disappeared;
The one who tries to avoid evil is robbed.
The Lord watches and is displeased,
For there is no justice.

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