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Forgiving Student Loans

The supreme court recently ruled against President Biden’s attempt to cancel student loan debt. Typical of these days, the nation appears strongly divided about the decision. Some, including the president, are vocally angry. Others agree the students should…

Merit, Morals and Race

Recently I received an email with a commentary on the causes of the deterioration of the quality of engineering these days. The author mentioned the recent Titan catastrophe. Two miles under the sea looking to show millionaire tourists the sunken Titanic, the carbon fiber craft imploded. It was a disaster waiting to happen. The owner/pilot […]

For a Time Such as This

4/26/2023 Miss Nohara was my 2nd grade teacher. Among many other things, I remember most that she taught me how to spell yes-ter-day and to love the American flag. I think she was a child living in Hawaii when the United States was Pearl Harbored. I had what my son calls an old school education. […]

Para un Tiempo como Este

04/27/2023 Miss Nohara fue mi maestra de segundo grado. Entre muchas otras cosas, lo que más recuerdo es que ella me enseñó a deletrear yes-ter-day (ayer) y a amar la bandera estadounidense. Creo que era una niña que vivía en Hawái cuando sucedió el ataque a Pearl Harbor. Tuve lo que mi hijo llama una […]

The Law and the Facts

3/25/2023 Marcy and I enjoy watching Perry Mason reruns, so much so that only very occasionally do we run across an episode that we have not seen before. Perry Mason is half criminal lawyer, half detective. He is never satisfied with just getting his client a not guilty verdict, he always digs until he finds […]

La Ley y los Hechos

25/03/2023 Marcy y yo disfrutamos ver los programas de TV repetidos de Perry Mason de los 1950-60, tanto que solo muy ocasionalmente nos encontramos con un episodio que no hemos visto antes. Perry Mason es mitad abogado penalista, mitad detective. Nunca está satisfecho con obtener un veredicto de no culpable para su cliente, siempre investiga […]