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Thoughts and notes of Institutes of Biblical Law: regarding loans to the poor

Regarding loans to the poor:
The law here has been subjected to extensive attack by socialism and every form of totalitarianism. Statism assumes that its law rather than God’s regenerating power is the principle of freedom. As a result, it legislates against Biblical law. Modern “civil liberty” and “civil rights” “civil rights” legislation requires an equalizing of all men, so that an employer cannot hire or favor his fellow believers in distinction from unbelievers. The end result is the enslavement to the state of all men; the need for charity remains, but the state now makes itself the source of charity and the judge as to who shall receive it. An impersonal and political test replaces the test of faith.”

Interesting. Rushdoony, Institutes of Biblical Law chapter 8 thou shalt not steal, p. 481

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