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The US Presidential Election is a Dumpster Fire

Roger Oliver for Visión America Latina

“This year’s presidential election is a Dumpster fire,” says WSJ journalist, Gerald F. Seib. Well said. Today the same author said the problem with this year’s election is the lack of a mandate for the winners. He pointed out that, according to the numbers crunches at the Tax Foundation, the difference between the two candidates tax plans is an estimated $6 trillion of expected revenue to the Federal Government. That’s a big deal but it is rarely discussed. That, according to Seib, is an example of the lack of any serious debate about policy in this election which, he concludes, will leave the winners with no clear mandate by which to govern. There are two problems with his analysis as I see it.

  1. Politicians don’t pay attention to what the people want anyway. Representation has come to mean the elite telling the people what’s good for them whether they want it or not. The ruling class pushes positive rights which always mean less freedom and more oppression through regulation, licensing and redistributive taxes. There is no free lunch. Someone has to pay. Whoever it is, it is never the politicians who make the promises.
  2. There is a mandate but neither the people nor the ruling elite are interested. God commissions civil magistrates to punish wrongdoers and praise those who do good. (1 Peter 2:14) Of course, good and evil are defined by God’s Law. That is not a mandate to redistribute wealth, to bail out banks, to collect taxes, to control the economy, to provide for widows, orphans, old people and foreigners, to pave roads, to provide health care or a myriad of other positive rights. It is certainly not a mandate to sacrifice our children to the god of state, Moloch, by approving of and funding abortion with the people’s tithes. Even without the mandate from God, what ever happened to the political wisdom that he who governs least governs best?

We the people have chosen Moloch for our god. We have no one to blame but ourselves for the dumpster fire. Conservative and liberal have no meaning. The only difference is how best to worship the god of state. The WSJ article is just a call to get clear on who or what will be sacrificed. That would be a mandate not for how to govern but for how to oppress a people who apparently no longer want to be free. So there really is a mandate, just from another god made in our image.

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