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Preparing Christian Soldiers for War

By: Roger Oliver
How does and outnumbered Christian remnant conquer a culture and replace it with a Christian culture? We don’t really, God does but through us by his sovereign choice. We are commanded to do our part. So the question is what to do so we don’t get benched, taken out of the game before it’s over. I think two things.
  1. Be crystal clear about your presuppositions, what you believe about God and what he is about.
  2. Be implacably consistent with your presuppositions in everything you do and say.

To do this you have to constantly train for war, i.e. be in the Word, pray, all of those disciplines that prepare a soldier for battle. I used to carry a small New Testament in a waterproof bag in my rucksack thinking I was going to have time for devotions while in the field. Two chances of that happening: slim and fat. I learned that what you don’t own as a part of your worldview does you no good when you come in contact with the enemy.

A good soldier never runs when he can walk, never walks when he can ride, never goes hungry when he can eat, never goes thirsty when he can drink, never goes without sleep when he can rest because he knows there will be a time when he will have to suffer all these deprivations. In the same way, a Christian soldier never misses an opportunity to eat the bread of life and train with the Sword of the Word because he knows there will be a time when he won’t be able to and whatever he has in his heart (thy word have I hid in my heart) is what he will have at hand to fight with.

Second thing you have to do is be courageous and act. And remember, by faith some conquered kingdoms and by faith others were sawn in half but in all cases God was glorified and his Kingdom advanced. Even those sawn in half received their special reward.

Airborne all the way. Rangers lead the way. 😉 (Got hit with the martial spirit this morning)


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