Construyendo los cimientos intelectuales para la futura civilización cristiana.

God’s Law as Pedagogue

Many people say they are Christian, but are they really? God only knows for sure, but we have been told that by their fruit you shall know them. Some are gnostic Christians. Some are members of cults that claim the name of Christ but reject his person and work. Some are Machiavellian, claiming to be […]

Propaganda, the Little Platoons and the New Normal

According to Jacques Ellul, propaganda only works in a mass/individualist society. The old organic structures must be broken down and replaced by the sovereign individual, that is the individual is asked to be the measure of all things…

What Happened to Civility in Politics

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Does God use the lesser of two evils to advance His Kingdom?

Reading Deuteronomy 9 this morning, the issue of voting for the lesser of two evils came to mind. I’ve often struggled with the contention that a faithful Christian would never do such a thing. Some who take this position are quite sincere, others are quite self-righteous. It never seemed realistic or reasonable to me.