Construyendo los cimientos intelectuales para la futura civilización cristiana.

A quote from “Conspiracy in Philadelphia” by Gary North

From the wall of Roger Oliver

Concerning the recently revealed horror of selling aborted baby parts and the Supreme Court decision concerning same-sex marriage, an interesting quote from Conspiracy in Philadelphia by Gary North, p. 96

“Ever since the early 1940s, the Supreme Court has been unwilling to protect private property from all kinds of confiscation and control by local, state, and federal governments. 57 Post-Darwinian liberalism has been victorious over Lockean liberalism. In 1973, the Supreme Court determined that lives in the womb are not under this protection because of a Court-invented Constitutional guarantee of privacy: woman and physician. State civil sanctions could no longer be brought against this class of murderers who had successfully conspired to deprive another person of life. 58 Post-Darwinian liberalism won again. Human life can now be legally sacrificed on the altar of convenience. The hope of the Framers—to place judicial limits on the worst decisions of the legislature—did not succeed, although this fact took a century and a half to become clear to everyone. If anything, the Supreme Court, insulated from direct public opinion, proved in 1973 that it was the worse offender as an agent of the formally sovereign People.”

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