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Jun 19

El punto de vista de una madre acerca del Learning Center

La educación cristiana suena bien en papel, pero ¿cómo es realmente en la práctica?, bueno, escuchemos de primera mano, o que el learning center ha significado en la vida de una madre y sus dos hijas. Por cierto, ¿piensas que enseñar la ley de Dios va a tener un efecto negativo en los niños? ¡Piénsalo …

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Jun 18

A Mother’s view of the ‘Learning Center’

Christian schools sound good on paper, but what are they like in practice? Well, hear, first hand, what the Learning Center has meant in the life of one Mother and her two talented and delightful daughters. By the way, do you think teaching God’s law has a negative effect on children. Think again! Don’t forget …

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Mar 20

Jehovah’s Witnesses vs. The Shorter Catechism

By Roger Oliver What do you do when the Jehovah’s Witnesses knock on your door? My mother used to ask them why they didn’t salute the national flag. That seemed to do the trick. Considering where we are nowadays as a nation I’m wondering if they were onto something in that area. An evangelist friend …

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