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Abr 28

Work, Dominion and the Law

By: Roger Oliver When men get together we tend to talk about what we do for a living. The most animated conversations I have with my friends (male) have to do with our jobs. For some time now we have been faulted for that, like it was a weakness. We’ve been told that we do …

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Sep 30

A guided tour to The Pierre Viret ‘Learning Center’ plus, how you can help.

Jun 22

Good Reading

The so called “great books” are not necessarily good books. Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter was required reading when I was in high school. It is apostate fiction, a caricature of Puritan culture and theology. One of the most terrifying things you could hear from your peers was, “Don’t be so puritanical.” It was an …

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Jun 18

A Mother’s view of the ‘Learning Center’

Christian schools sound good on paper, but what are they like in practice? Well, hear, first hand, what the Learning Center has meant in the life of one Mother and her two talented and delightful daughters. By the way, do you think teaching God’s law has a negative effect on children. Think again! Don’t forget …

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Jun 16

Book Review: No Other Standard: Theonomy and its Critics

By Chuks Ezemando, Vicar of the Anglican Church, Lagos, Nigeria AUTHOR: Dr. Greg L. Bahnsen Year published & size: 1991 / 351 pages 
Click here to go to the WEB SITE (to download free): Against Antinomianism
 Dr. Greg L. Bahnsen focused on the biblical bases for comprehensive theonomy; the Laws of Moses as applied in …

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Jun 07

Law vs. Grace. Is there Really a Conflict?

Not too long ago I found myself in a conflict over the applicability of the Law of Moses in our times, a concept known as theonomy. Theonomy is just a technical word for the idea that God’s Law/Word is the ultimate source of ethics and the rule of law for all mankind in all times …

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