Category: Abortion

Ago 13

A quote from “Conspiracy in Philadelphia” by Gary North

From the wall of Roger Oliver Concerning the recently revealed horror of selling aborted baby parts and the Supreme Court decision concerning same-sex marriage, an interesting quote from Conspiracy in Philadelphia by Gary North, p. 96 “Ever since the early 1940s, the Supreme Court has been unwilling to protect private property from all kinds of …

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May 06

The Plague of Abortion, Who’s to Blame?

By: Roger Oliver Should the disaster of abortion be laid at the feet of the Supreme Court and the Roe v Wade decision? Will a decision reversing Roe v Wade solve the problem? Aparently not. In 1946 the case of Inez Burns, charged with running an illegal abortion clinic, brought to light that there were …

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Mar 26

The Revenge of Conscience: Abortion Clinic Counselor Films Her Own Abortion

There is a video on the Internet of an abortion clinic counselor getting her own abortion. Her name is Emily Letts. You can see it here, Abortion Clinic Counselor Films Her Own Abortion. I could not bring myself to watch it even though it is supposedly not graphic. It’s just to grotesque to think about. …

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